Halloween is by far the best holiday—I think a number of people would agree, especially you Scorpio/Pluto types—at least for those who don’t live down here in the land of upside down Oz.

Halloween is not a thing here in Australia, or at least it’s not really that popular, yet. It does seem to be growing though, and a small corner of many shops contain some fun spooky trinkets and bags of lollies (sweets/candy)—and then there are the smatter of people who try and make an effort for the occasion.

Shocking though isn’t it, how can a country, like the US and Canada, with connections to the ‘Motherland’ with its Celtic traditions not partake in a significant, and one of the best, Celtic/Pagan holidays of the year—who doesn’t love a bit of fancy dress fun. Anyway, we celebrate Christmas here, so why not Halloween.

Right, I know Christmas is a bit more of a big deal, and it just happens to be the one pagan holiday that has been most successful in infiltrating the masses—even the religious anti-pagan ones (yeah there’s Easter too). No I won’t get into it here and now, but there is nothing Christian about Christmas (sorry), aside from the post slap on content to make it more ‘acceptable’.

So back to Halloween, I think I understand the slow acceptance of Halloween here. Now there might just possibly be some historical reason, I could do a bit more research, but I rather think the impracticality of the time of year seems the most obvious reason—it’s springtime down here.

It just doesn’t feel the same to be celebrating an Autumn festival in the height of Spring. So you could think the same for Christmas right, how weird to have it in Summer—yes it is weird I’ll never get used to it, but Aussies have embraced it and made their own traditions…so again I ponder why not Halloween.

Maybe it’s because Christmas has become so commercialised that it has been easier for it to be detached from its origin of meaning—therefore Christmas can hold its appeal at any time of year, but Halloween…

Halloween is Scorpio/Pluto time, and we’ll all be damned if Scorpio will let its holiday be awash in fakery—I know what you’re thinking, it has been highly commercialised, yes it has—but the truth of the holiday remains, its Pagan no ifs, ands, or buts about that! It’s a time for the veil between worlds to be lifted, it’s a time of ghouls and spirits, darkness and mystery, depth and death.

So back here in Oz it’s hard to get into the ‘spirit’ of death, when all around you nature is screaming LIFE. The flowers are blooming, the birds are singing their sweet mating songs, baby animals are in abundance, the daylight hours are growing, the weather is warming, the Sun is shining, and here in Hobart the air is thick with the scent of lilac and jasmine.



Not very death-like is it, and Scorpio and Pluto will have none of that pretending to be what it is not.

I also have to admit, that as much as I long to be back in the northern hemisphere, and as much as I become ‘home’ sick this time of year, as much as I try to keep my love for this amazing holiday alive, there just seems to be something fake about pushing to celebrate Halloween in Australia.

This is what I think it is, it’s nature’s resistance down here to celebrate what it is not.

I don’t think it’s unnatural though to suggest that Spring cannot be a time of Scorpio, there exists a polarity in all things, even the common ways of looking at the Zodiac.

Yes Scorpio is traditionally associated with death, Autumn, the darkness, mystery, and all things occult, but I can see the other side too. Spring doesn’t seem inharmonious with Scorpio. Scorpio is also a fertile sign, passionate, full of life, drive, and vitality—after all the traditional ruler of Scorpio is the planet Mars.

Mars is also the ruler of Aries, and in the northern hemisphere when the Sun enters Aries it’s the beginning of Spring…so Spring could be seen as the time of Mars—a time for both Aries and Scorpio.

Perhaps for Halloween to be fully embraced down here, there should be a shift towards ‘killing’ its date of October 31st and resurrecting it as May 31st.

It still feels a bit wrong then though doesn’t it, Taurus and Halloween? hmmm I don’t know about that, or on the other hand if we emphasise the faery folk and less the demons and ghouls…

Well for now, me and my northern Scorpio heart will just have to put our mourning for a ‘proper’ Halloween into hibernation mode and enjoy the outside bounty of Spring while we secretly wait for the return of Autumn.


Happy Hallowe’en, Samhain, Calan Gaeaf



– Emilie Llewellyn Simons – els0337

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